NibiWalk (Water Walk)


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Traditional ceremonial Ojibwe Water Walk around Lake Menomin

Led by Anishinaabe Elder Sharon Day

First Congregational United Church of Christ of Menomonie and its members have a strong commitment to creation care issues, particularly around water quality which is critical for our health and future. We are also committed to expanding our relationships with Native American communities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These communities have longstanding traditions of recognizing the sacred nature of water and we are pleased that they are an integral part of this event.

Noon- Opening Ceremony
1:00 PM- NibiWalk Begins
4:30 PM- Gratitude Ceremony
5:00 PM- Traditional Ojibway Meal Served

The Protocols for our Nibi (Water) Walk:
The Nibi (Ojibwe for Water) Walks are Indigenous-led, extended ceremonies to pray for the water. Every step is taken in prayer and gratitude for water, our life giving force. Sharon Day, Ojibwe elder and leader of our walk, states, “We walk for the water, and as we heal the water we heal all of life. We are not a protest. We are a prayer for the water.”

The Walk will follow the City of Menomonie Lake Menomin Loop (8.3 miles). You are welcome to walk any length of time, or to join in at any point along the walk. Transportation back to the church will be available all along the route. Activities for children and adults not walking will be held at the church between 1 and 4 pm.

Nibi (Water) Walk Details:

  • Offering asemma (tobacco) and prayer, a sample of water will be collected from Big Lake Chetac, the headwaters of the Red Cedar River in Sawyer County a day prior to the walk. This water will be carried by women in a copper vessel as they walk the perimeter of Lake Menomin.
  • The route begins one block south of the Lake at First Congregational United Church of Christ and will end at LaPointe Park, which is a short distance past our starting point, because it offers the best access to Lake Menomin. The water in the copper vessel will be “offered” in prayer to Lake Menomin, reminding the Lake of its pristine origins. The Walk ends after the water is emptied into Lake Menomin.
  • Restrooms will be available along the route at Wakanda, Lake Menomin, Point Comfort and Elmwood Parks

We ask that you do two things if you plan to participate in this event:
1) Complete the Registration Form at We ask for your name, email address, number of people and children coming with you, the number of you staying for the meal, and the number of children needing childcare during any part of the Water Walk. This information is vital to our planning!
2) Go to and read the Protocols for participating in a traditional Ojibwe Water Walk.

Please contact Karen Miller, Director of Faith Formation, First Congregational United Church of Christ if you have more questions or need more information.
First Congregational United Church of Christ
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