Lunch Meetings

Health Dunn Right often has on-line lunch meetings with environmental champions throughout the state as part of the normal monthly HEAT meeting. These are recordings of those lunch meetings.

Earth Day Land and Conservation Event

Presentation Date

Come to listen, learn, and engage with Chase Cummings, County Conservationist, Dunn County Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD).  The LWCD works with people in an honest, respectful, and accountable manner to manage the land and water resources of Dunn County.  Chase will present an informational program on the LWCD's roles, responsibilities and services to Dunn County.  The presentation will cover soil erosion, water quality, watershed management, agricultural performance standards, technical and financial services, equipment rental programs, snowmobile trail programs, and much mo

Discussion with Klaus Mager of Business Climate Leaders on Climate Change

Presentation Date

The Health Dunn Right Environmental Action group held their November meeting with Klaus Mager of CItizens Climate Lobby Business Climate Leaders. Mr. Mager Klaus explained the benefit of two strong sustainability pieces of legislation introduced to the US Congress, the energy innovation and carbon dividend Act, which would create market incentives to reduce fossil fuel based inputs primarily by increasing the input cost of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides.

Zach Raff speaks about the economic impact of CAFOs

Presentation Date

On May 12, 2021 Zach Raff, Assistant Professor of Economics, UW-Stout, provided an overview of CAFOs and Water Quality in Wisconsin to the Environmental Action Team of Health Dunn Right. Over the past 30 years, livestock operations in Wisconsin – primarily dairies – have become more and more concentrated. This concentration of the industry has led to the proliferation of CAFOs in the state, which provide operational cost savings but are associated with several forms of external costs, e.g., nonpoint source runoff.