Clean Wisconsin

We work to protect Wisconsin’s clean water, clean air, and natural heritage by:

  • Impacting Policy: Our policy experts work with local and state leaders to drive environmental policy changes
  • Taking Legal Action: For more than five decades, our attorneys have been defending Wisconsin’s environment through strong, effective litigation.
  • Leading with Science: Our science department keeps Clean Wisconsin on the forefront of environmental issues confronting our state.
  • Uplifting Your Voice: With an active membership and action advocacy base 20,000-strong, we keep you connected to information and opportunities to make your voice heard on critical environmental issues.
  • Engaging Communities: Our Milwaukee Program is creating change through hands-on education, outreach, and local policy work.

Protecting and preserving Wisconsin's clean water, clean air, and natural heritage.

Community Investment Needs
Advocating for investments in clean water and renewable energy.